Lakefront Services

Need help with lakefront, shoreline, or boat dock & lift maintenance?
We’ve got you covered!


We can reclaim sand from across your shoreline and boat dock areas.

Beach Maintenance

Fix washout areas after heavy rains or overgrown areas along the shoreline.

Sea Wall Placement

Our team can advise on proper sea wall needs and installation.

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Pond Maintenance

General debris and silt removal along pond’s shoreline.

Fresh Sand Delivery

Replenish your beach with fresh sand. Includes distribution/grade.

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Beach Grading

Remove unwanted & unsightly bumps from weekly use of smaller machines.

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

We started out providing general beach restoration services and expanded our offering over the years to cover all of your lakefront maintenance needs. Page Land & Water Works specializes in efficient and high-quality work for your beach, shoreline, and dock area.

Over time, sand erodes and accumulates into lakefront areas. When this happens, boat lifts can become inoperable and swimming areas fill in with silt and debris. This is a natural and normal occurrence, but does require maintenance to help with the longevity and safety of waterfront properties.

Sand reclamation ensures your floating dock’s integrity is maintained to help prevent breaking and binding.  We’re able to provide the required depth your system needs to allow easy boat lift operation. Improving the depth for the areas around your dock also helps keep swimming areas safe.

Other services available: boat dock & lift repair, sea wall placement, pond clear out, fresh sand distribution and finish grade.

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Years Of Experience

Completed Projects

Sand Reclamation

Restore your beach & shoreline to a safe, more usable, and visually appealing state. Utilize your sand that has eroded into the water.

Dock & Swimming Areas

Our specialty equipment allows us to access landlocked locations via the owner’s property. No boat ramp access or excavators needed!

General Beach Work

Protect your investment with general beach & shoreline work. Maintain beach grade to help mitigate excess erosion.

Zebra Mussel Protocol

We follow a strict protocol to protect area lakes & ponds we service against zebra mussels & other invasive water species. This helps ensure water quality and safety. We routinely service a wide area around Waterloo, Nebraska.

Details available upon request.

Client Testimonials

Awesome work bringing in new sand that was much needed. Got the job done fast and on late notice.

Kristen Kent

Phil is about as honest and nice as they come. He would be great to work with for whatever you need.

Bradley W. Peterson

Service Area

Around 75 miles from Waterloo, Nebraska

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